Music Therapy Session ♪

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Express yourself in creative ways & live a life aligned to your true self and core values.

This is for you if:

You are sick of having unproductive thoughts about the past and the future

You are tired of living a life being untrue to yourself

You don’t want to/you struggle to find words to describe your feelings

This is not for you if:

You’re looking for “magic” to heal without putting in effort

You’re not taking responsibilities for your mental health journey

You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to reflect and change outside sessions

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How Does It Work?

You are one click away from becoming the best version of yourself.

What's Included:

6x Individual Music Therapy Sessions, tailored to YOUR specific goal

Weekly Online Session

60-minute of online music therapy (weekly appointment is recommended) at your chosen time.

Mental Health Resources

Playlists, wellbeing worksheets and book recommendations for you to learn and grow outside sessions.

Ready to Make it Happen?

Get your mental health journey started!

Book your free first appointment here 👉🏻

If none of the timeslots works for you, please email me at and we can discuss alternative time 🙂

I look forward to seeing you and making music with you! xx


P.S. if you don’t see a calendar on your device, click here to book a session instead 🙂

Unsure whether you want to try music therapy?

Find out your well-being score in 5 minutes to see which health areas you can focus on. Tips and Notion well-being templates unlocked upon completion.

Quick FAQs

🎵 Music Therapy Services Rates

Initial consultation – free, 30 mins

6x Individual music therapy session + other materials & support – $1,200 AUD

Group music therapy session – $45 AUD per person (2+ persons), 45 mins (request via email)

🎺 Does Insurance Cover Music Therapy?

Music therapy is fighting for more recognition in both workplaces and insurance. It varies, depending on your location and insurer. Please visit the following website, or contact your insurer for more information:

Does Your Health Insurance Cover Art and Music Therapy? 


🇦🇺 Music Therapy and NDIS in Australia

Meanwhile in Australia, music therapy is recognised by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a professional Allied Health therapy under “Therapeutic Supports”. This means music therapy can be funded through NDIS if you meet certain criteria. Visit this website for more information. However, Strike A Chord Music Therapy is NOT an NDIS provider. If you wish to contact an NDIS-registered music therapy provider, you can do a search here with AMTA.