Hey I just met you... I'm Venus ♪​

I’m a music therapist based in Sydney who is passionate in helping young adults express and connect with their true selves through music therapy.

My music therapy approach

I employ an eclectic approach in music therapy:

  • client-centred (putting YOU first!)
  • resource-oriented (everything about you can be utilised in YOUR journey)
  • based on positive psychology (it’s about honing into YOUR strengths)


My values

Authenticity, creativity, trust and integrity are my core values. I strive to provide clients the highest quality and the most personalised online music therapy service possible.

About Strike A Chord

Strike A Chord Music Therapy is an online music therapy service that provides:

🎵 music therapy

💛 mental health education

🤝  supportive community

for emerging adults (18-29 years). 

 “Strike a chord” is an idiom which means to elicit a strong emotional response to something. I believe that both music and clients’ stories have such power. Through music therapy, clients can experience powerful changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. No matter how you engage with music, you can always find something that strikes a chord with you. ⚡️

My Story ♪​​

I've been living a "karaoke life" for 20 years.

I was a typical Asian who followed the society script her whole life: getting good grades, entering university, becoming a CPA for security and stability.

No one ever questioned if it was what I wanted. No one gave a damn about my frustration and exhaustion.

I was just singing along to a song sheet written by someone else, when all I wanted to do was to write my own song.

Literally and figuratively speaking.

The long-term emotional neglect and suppressed self-expression made me a high achiever and a hustler with high standard.

All I knew was to work harder. More. Sleep when I was dead. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

My true inner voice was drown in the sea of others’ expectations and core beliefs I grew up with.

I felt numb, unsatisfied and unhappy.

Until the day my hometown collapsed – and I couldn’t ignore that nagging voice at the back of my head anymore, urging me to make a change.

During 2020-2022, I:

  • Quit my corporate life
  • Graduated from the Master of Creative Music Therapy degree
  • Founded Strike A Chord Music Therapy
  • Completed Neurologic Music Therapy training


But here’s what really changed:

  1. My consistent content creation increased my self-expression
  2. My fitness journey increased my confidence and self-worth
  3. My emotional agility (through therapy and constant reflection) increased my self-compassion and resilience

I tapped into my true inner voice.

I broke free of the “karaoke life”.

I realigned my body and mind so that my actions reflect my core values.

I chose to live a genuine, authentic life being true to myself.

And I’m on a mission to help you do the same through music therapy 🎵 and mindset change 🧠!

Fun Facts About Me 🤪

I'm a Potterhead ⚡️

What is your Patronus?

I'm a handpan player 🛸

Psssst... I love playing handpan more than guitar!

I'm learning my 6th language now 🤓

hayır türkçe bilmiyorum (:

P.S. I was featured in this interview here during the pandemic in which I talked about my own mental health journey. Being a therapist doesn’t mean I’m immune to setbacks in life. We’re in this journey together 🙂

Today might be the day...

Therapy is not just about fixing what’s wrong, but nurturing, and amplifying what is best.

Think it’s time to improve your mental health but feel like talking therapies are too overwhelming?

Book your first 30-minute free consultation if you are ready to try music therapy. We can sing, play instruments, drum, write songs, rap or dance. Whatever you fancy. Everything you bring into the session are resources that can be utilised to reach your health goals. 💛

Are you an NDIS support coordinator looking for a music therapist for your clients at the comfort of their homes?

Get in touch with a few details so I can tailor the most suitable music therapy sessions for your clients 👇🏻